Handcrafted in Carencro, La.

Welcome to All Wood Furniture Company. After years of building custom Handcrafted Cypress Furniture, we put together an online collection of our work. Each piece of Cypress Furniture is handcrafted using the finest Louisiana Cypress.

Solid Wood Furniture

We use Solid Cypress Wood. There is no presswood on our pieces. You’ll get the beauty of real wood along with the durability.

Why Cypress?

Cypress is a beautiful solid wood that can be stained in different colors. It has a fine grain character that shows off the beauty of wood while retaining a smooth texture unlike the grain of oak. When used for Outdoor furniture it is highly resistant to Rot and Insect damage. Outdoor Furniture built with cypress takes on a gray antique look when left outdoors unfinished.


All Wood Furniture | Cypress Furniture

At All Wood Furniture you will find different styles of Rustic Cypress Dining Tables, Armoires, HDTV Stands, Cypress Outdoor Furniture, Hutches, Home Office, etc…

We specialize in Rustic Cypress Tables

With an emphasis on our selection of leg and top styles, each Cypress Table is is unique and will add a nice look to any dining room. Whether you need a 5′ table that seats 4 or a 12′ table that seats 14 we can accomodate you.

Outdoor furniture

Our Cypress Outdoor Furniture line is extensive and includes Chairs, Benches, Loveseats, Swings, Arbors, A Frames, Tables, Rockers and more.


We offer Louisiana Statewide Delivery to make getting your furniture to you easier. Call or email for pricing.

Custom Furniture

If you don’t see what you’re looking for All Wood Furniture can custom build it from a drawing or picture.

Call us at (337) 269-8800 or email us for more info, or request a Table Quote or Furniture Quote .Thank you for stopping by.